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Twitter Trends of the Week: November 13th, 2015

This week, there were trends in numerous different categories including news, entertainment, and sports. It was a very busy week with two major teen pop albums coming out as well as the subsequent tragedies that occurred in Paris. All of these trends made it to the top of the list and were tweeted thousands of times.

  1. Paul Bernardo: Paul Bernardo, also known as The Scarborough Rapist, is a serial killer who was arrested in 1995. The reason he was trending on Wednesday because he self-published a violence-filled ebook on Amazon called A MAD World Order. This book does not describe his own crimes, but instead his thoughts on terrorism. People have been outraged that Amazon agreed to sell this book, but it has risen to the top of the Amazon Canada’s best seller list.

  2. Paris [#fusillade, #PrayForParis]: Both Paris and #fusillade are trending because of the terrorist attacks that occurred on Friday all over Paris. This lead to France declaring a national state emergency and closing off their borders. Officials have also declared this the deadliest attack on France since World War II. The deadliest attack seems to have been at Bataclan concert hall where over 100 people died. At this moment, police believe that all the attackers are dead, but they are still looking for accomplices that have left over 120 people dead.

  3. #MITAM: Made in the A.M. is the new album that was released on November 13 by One Direction. There were over a million tweets about this album as “Directioners” were eager to show this new album to the world. Their sound for this album has changed tremendously from their past bubblegum pop sound to a more mature one. Rolling Stones magazine and Billboard have rated this album 4/5. Both reviews mention the iconic band, The Beatles, when reviewing the album wondering if this would be their “Abbey Road” since this is their last album before their two year hiatus.

  4. #Purpose: Purpose is the new album by Justin Bieber that dropped on November 13. This was a highly anticipated album as Bieber had not released any albums since 2013. This album is very different from his past album “Believe”, but is not very different from “Journals”. Both albums attempt to sound more techy, but this one is better. Billboard rated it a 4/5. It has been said that he is trying to apologize in this album as his actions that were splayed all over the news the past couple of years were not acceptable. Hopefully, he is actually feeling apologetic for his actions in the past and is trying to change his attitude for the better.

  5. #PrayForJapan: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan’s south-western coast on Friday. After this occurred, there were tsunami warnings for Kagoshima and Satsunan islands. Luckily, this warning was lifted, but there was a small (30cm) tsunami on the coast of Nakanoshima Island.

  6. #PrayForLebanon: There was an ISIS attack in Lebanon on Thursday, November 12. Two suicide bombers on motorcycles killed 23 and wounded more than 200 people in the city’s southern suburbs. This area was a part that is known for being the “stronghold” of Hezbollah. There was also a third, but he was killed before he could execute his bombs. Soon after this occurred, ISIS shared on social media that it was them who caused this terror act.

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