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Fact vs Fiction: Coronavirus in Canada

With the rise of Coronavirus and its eventual spread to Canada, there have been alarm bells going off nationwide. That said, health officials and many other authorities have been ensuring us to carry on and just be a bit more precautious. This includes washing your hands, and generally making good choices with regards to your health.

Ottawa has reported that the Canadian Federal health minister will be visiting the site where quarantined Canadians are being held, specifically after arriving from Wuhun, China. Despite this, I have come up with a list of fact.vs fiction on this topic.

Many airline doctors are claiming that you should forget about wearing masks, despite the frenzy that they have carried, as they have been flying off of store shelves, as cautious buyers snatch them up. The reason for this is because if you wear the mask all of the time, this could actually increase your chance of transmitting and spreading the disease, therefore, worsening the consequences. According to an airline medical advisor, the best and most effective way to save yourself from this disease is to frequently wash your hands. Due to the fact that this virus can not live on inanimate objects such as seats and armrests on planes, physical contact leaves you at the greatest risk of contracting this contagious disease. That said, do not fret if you have a global flight anytime soon, because interestingly the air that is circulated within airplanes can be as clean as in a surgical room, because of how often it is filtered. This is why one thing to do right is to wash your hands in order to prevent spreading any germs to yourself or those near you.

Another myth that has been debunked is that pets can contract or spread this disease. Despite how widely believed this was, considering the spike in Google searches, there is no solid evidence to prove that animals or anything other than a human can contract coronavirus.

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