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Ad Verum has proudly been Collingwood School’s student-run newspaper since 2014, featuring articles of a variety of genres and exploring a variety of topics. From abortion laws to our cravings for animal products to the controversy of the Grammy Awards, we discuss global stories concerning a massive range of subject matter in our World section. In our Imagination section we feature beautifully written poems and short stories authored by the members of our community. Our School section features everything Collingwood, including exclusive “Student Spotlights”, discussions about the school system and daily life as a student here at our school. If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix during your free time, Ad Verum has recommendations ready for you in our Entertainment section.


The Ad Verum team loves to collaborate with clubs, classes and other students to make sure this newspaper shines on Collingwood School’s many faces and colourful personality.

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