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The Rematch

Earlier today, our Senior Boys Basketball Cavaliers took to the hardwood to face Moscrop. Going into the game, there were lots of unknowns on the home side. The Cavs had never faced this team, so they went into their first round game without knowing what to expect. All they knew was that they wanted to come out of the feud with a W.

Upon tipoff, the Cavs looked very energized and this energy seemed to being flowing through the crowd, coaches, and players, for the entire duration of the game. A couple of dunks from Seniors Jaden Narwal and Dillon Cooper, helped the fans get into the game spirit. After a very smooth and clean 91-54 win for the cavaliers, a very tough second round matchup awaits them on Friday. The number 7 ranked team in the province, RC Palmer, will be their next opponents. The bitter taste from last years Cavs Classic definitely still remains in this years team: RC Palmer happened to end the Cavs road to the gold last year, on a buzzer beater shot. The narrow loss is something this year’s squad will try and avenge, making tomorrow’s game that much more important. Tune in at 12:30 to see a very intense, rigorous, and back and forth game. The rematch awaits us.

By: Connor Anderson

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