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The Next Big Show: Amadeus

Collingwood’s actors have been hurrying in and out of the theatre, putting in countless hours of effort to prepare for the 2016-17 school year’s first play. This time, Mr. Schaldemose and Mr. Wener are reviving Amadeus, a 1984 movie set in the 18th century. In it, Italian composer Antonio Salieri witnesses the musical genius of famed composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and in his jealousy, deems this extraordinary talent to have come from God himself. From offbeat humor to dark vices, the plethora of emotions in Amadeus guarantees a performance not to be missed. Personally, I cannot wait to see the brilliance Collingwood’s cast will unleash upon us.

Anticipate Amadeus: coming to the Darlene Howard Theatre November 22nd-25th, 2016.

By: Elisa Sung

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