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Stromae – Un Concert “Formidable”

This past weekend, Madame Mofazali’s AP French class attended a Stromae concert at the Orpheum Theatre. Stromae is a Belgian singing sensation, having sold over 3 million copies of his latest album “Racine Carée”. Moving narratives, pulsing beats, and catchy melodies characterize his songs. “Alors on Danse”, “Formidable”, “and “Papaoutai” are his most famous songs, followed by “Ta Fete”, which became the Belgian Soccer Team’s anthem during the World Cup this past summer. His unique blend of electronic music, hip hop and African rhythms, accompanied by his superb dancing skills, make him a must-see.


The concert had superb visual effects, including strobe lighting and a digital backdrop, which enhanced Stromae’s amazing music. Singing “Ta Fete” as his opener, Stromae had a captivating presence, hypnotizing the entire audience, regardless of whether they spoke French, or not. The crowd went crazy start to finish, singing along all night. A highlight of the concert was his performance to “Alors on Danse”, where the entire Orpheum was dancing in unison, making the floor shake. With a myriad of color strobes flashing, music pounding and Stromae rocking it on the stage, everyone in the audience had a great time. His other performances, including “Formidable” and “Papaoutai”, were also magnificent! Stromae has a wonderful sense of humor, and is a remarkably talented entertainer; his concert was truly incredible!


Throughout this extraordinary concert, the group of eight students were able to enjoy the concert’s exhilarating atmosphere of electro pop music, while simultaneously immersing themselves in francophone culture. Annika Chambers, one of the AP French students expressed, “It was such an amazing experience being able to attend a French concert. Not only was it a culturally enriching experience, but we also had so much fun as a class! Stromae is a great entertainer.”

C’était une expérience “Formidable”!

By: Kristine Falck

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