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Se4sons: A Final Dance Showcase

For the 10th annual Spring Dance Show we decided to have a SE4SONS theme, featuring solos from many grade 12’s, dances from every grade as well as a final full studio finale.

Do you know how to choreograph a beautiful ballet piece? Do you know how to execute a flip? Do you know how to choreograph 24 pieces referring to different seasons? This is all the work of our talented dancers and our lovely dance teacher Ms. Tench. This past Tuesday and Wednesday have marked one of the most successful dance shows yet, featuring everything from ballet to High School Musical. Although the usual sayings could be heard backstage the dancers didn’t need to “break a leg” to do well.

“There is always such a positive, supportive feeling back stage, it is almost impossible not to see that exude on stage. I think that it’s the camaraderie of the dancers, crew and faculty that really makes the show”, said Bryn Cowan, a grade 10 student who has now finished her third dance show.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s learning to Dance in the rain”. This was a major quote for our “April Showers” dance as they learned how to dance with umbrellas. Hopefully no bad luck will come from opening so many umbrellas so many times inside! For the last couple weeks these students have been eating, sleeping and breathing dance, learning how to be waitresses on busy New Years Eve, also how to be stressed out elves before Christmas as well as how to be ready to go catch a wave, after finishing their dance of course.

Although none of this would have happened without our amazing crew featuring people from Kay Meek, alumni, as well as other students. “ The crew backstage were super helpful and made the whole experience less scary” said grade 8 Nicole McLean, who recently did her first ever Collingwood Dance Show.

“I was overwhelmed with the commitment and the professionalism from every dancer in the show, I could not have been more proud”, said Ms. Tench at the end of the show.

By: Natalie Cressey

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