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Science Expo: A New Twist

It is Science Expo Season at Collingwood, and the Grade Eights and Grade Nines have already begun preparation for their fascinating projects. Every year, science students are challenged to solve a scientific problem through inquisitive innovation or traditional scientific research and experimentation.

This year, Grade Nine students will be exploring the cutting edge field of biomimicry. Their task is to investigate nature and develop an invention that utilizes inspiration from an organism or natural process to solve a societal problem. Although this is a change from the traditional science fair format at Collingwood, it is nonetheless exciting and bound to be a success.

In Ms. Bruner’s Science 9 Class, students have already embarked on their biomimicry projects by utilizing various science databases to spark their curiosity and interests. The field of biomimicry opens doors to astounding inventions including the application of shark skin to swimsuit design, termite dens to office buildings, whale fins to turbines and Lotus plants to paint.

By using nature as inspiration, students will be able to garner a greater comprehension of the natural world and biological process, while also further developing their creative problem-solving techniques. After honing in on a specific problem and identifying a possible biomimetic solution, students will develop a three dimensional model/prototype to demonstrate their invention’s applications. All students will be able to present their designs to their class during science expo week, with top projects being nominated for grade rounds.

When asked about what he thinks about this years ‘Biomimicry Challenge’, Grade 9 Student Cole Young said, “It has been an interesting new addition. It makes you think about nature in a new light. There are so many aspects of nature that we can learn from to create better products.” He is currently working on creating a “gecko glove”, applying gecko’s unique hand surfaces to make slip resistant climbing gloves. His fellow classmate Sean Asadi commented, “This project has been really fun and very hands on. I liked being able to make a model of our product as it makes science have a more ‘real-life’ application.” With such positive feedback, the biomimicry challenge will certainly become a Collingwood science expo staple.

Science Expo week will also involve a variety of fascinating science activities for Collingwood students. Not only will House Trivia feature science themed questions, but the Senior Science club will be putting together a fun science demonstration for students during one lunch hour (details to come). Science Expo Week runs from February 2nd to 5th, and will be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in science beyond the scope of the classroom curricula, and broaden your scientific knowledge.

Be sure to take advantage of all Science Expo Week has to offer!

By: Kristine falck

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