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Sad Goodbyes & Warm Welcomes

Last year, Morven campus said farewell to a few beloved faculty members. To mention a few teachers: Ms. Archer, the nurse; Mr. Furlong, an English teacher; and, Mr. Hodal, a Physics teacher and head of the Physics Department.

Here are some write-ups from some of our Ad Verum members about the departure of these three missed Collingwood educators:

Ms. Archer

Whether it was for mental health, physical health or needing someone to chat with, Ms. Archer always had an open door. She constantly made sure that the students stayed healthy and she created such a positive atmosphere. When a student was ill, whether it was a fever, anxiety, or a cold, Ms. Archer never failed to put a smile on their face. Sadly, she has left Collingwood to return to her studies. Though she will be missed by all, we wish her the best of luck in her studies and her future endeavours.

Written by Amanda Wang

Mr. Furlong

Mr. Furlong had contributed a positive spirit, warm smile, and colourful Adidas track suits to the Collingwood community for the past five years. His enthusiasm, energy, and genuine interest in his student’s success and learning will be greatly missed in the English Department in the years to come. I was so saddened to hear the news that Mr. Furlong would no longer be teaching at Collingwood in the 2018/2019 school year, so I decided to conduct an interview with him as a farewell tribute.

What is the most memorable thing from your time at Collingwood?

JF: Way too many things to mention one. But… I will remember student laughter when I joked around in class and I will remember how people appreciated my Adidas tracksuits (even if they were quietly mocking me.)

What was your favourite part about Collingwood/the community?

JF: I loved when students came to talk with me in my classroom or in my office, or anywhere on their own time. That always meant a lot. It still does.

What do you hope your students learnt?

JF: 1. Smart people read. 2. Tell the truth.

Are you looking forward to what lies ahead? Where are you moving to?

JF: I’m moving to Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island. I’m looking forward to the change, but I’m nervous about the idea of starting over in a new place. I have no idea what lies ahead, but I’m curious to find out. Feels as though I’m heading off to university like the grads.

What are some things that you are going to miss about Collingwood?

JF: Not the wifi in the parent wing. Definitely the fist bumps. Judy’s charm. James Ravensbergen’s linen blazer. Nikolai on the mic. The grads screeching their tires in the underground parkade.

Who has a big impact on you?

JF: Lately my son does, but probably all new dads feel that way. Genuinely I am impacted when I see my students evolve–change, grow, improve. And I’m impacted when students remember something about me or my class and it stuck with them.

If you weren’t being an awesome teacher, what would you like to be doing?

JF: I’d like to think I’d be writing a book, but more likely I’d be reading one.

Favourite food?

JF: Dave Spiers’ Barbecue

Favourite musician?

JF: Hmm… still haven’t decided. Living musician? Well, Joe Harris has to be on the list.

If you could improve anything about the English department at Collingwood or the way that material is taught, what would those adjustments be?

JF: More reading (because smart people read), more writing, less sticky notes.

Do you think society is improving or deteriorating? (Sorry, I know this is a loaded question)

JF: Improving in knowledge, deteriorating in how we spend our time. (But we can fix that if people get honest about how they actually spend their time.)

Please include anything else as a farewell.

JF: Thank you for everything. For as much love as you gave me over the years, please give double to someone new to Collingwood, and you’ll have made the community even better. Also, here’s some parting wisdom: don’t underestimate the introvert in the room.

Written by Addie Tiller

Mr. Hodal

Mr. Hodal was one of the most passionate, warm, funny, and thoughtful teachers at Collingwood. He brought so much enthusiasm to the Physics Department, and his passion was radiant. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Hodal could be seen on the pitch coaching the senior girls soccer team. He will be greatly missed for his humour and his impact on his student’s learning.

Along with these sad departures, we’ve also welcomed some amazing new additions to Morven this year. With the first couple months of the school year winding down and students getting into the hustle and bustle of everyday routine, you may be starting to notice some new faces! Staff writer, Sophia Garofalo, talked with a few of Collingwood’s newest editions to find out some fun facts about them and where they are joining us from.

Mr. Jolliffe– English Teacher

Mr. Jolliffe teaches grade 8 and 9 and is this years newest addition to the English Department! Outside of his classroom he enjoys tennis and volleyball among other things and is on the hunt looking for a partner in both! He grew up in Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador in a town of only 10,000 people. He says the short summers and rough winters prepared him for the climate of Raincouver. Mr. Jolliffe lists his favourite destination as Tenerife, the largest part of Spain’s Canary Islands. Besides the gorgeous skies and waters, he loves the volcanes, untapped nature, and of course the fervent spanish feel of it all! We are so happy to have Mr. Jolliffe joining our Collingwood family and cannot wait to hear more about his interests and travels.

Written by Sophia Garofalo

Ms. Horswill– Drama teacher

Ms. Horswill teaches grade 8 drama but you may also find her covering some of your classes! She grew up in the mountains of BC in the small town of Nelson. Ms. Horswill mentions how she is extremely grateful for the vast amount of travel she has been able to experience in her life and lists the Netherlands as one of her favourite destinations. Outside of school, Ms. Horswill directs two choirs with some of her bestfriends and there is nothing she loves more than being able to spend her days here at Collingwood and her evening’s with her choir. Lastly, Ms. Horswill mentions her love for the office, having watched every episode at least 5 times (who can blame her?) We are so excited to have Ms. Horswill on board and can’t wait to see what she contributes to our community.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 12.48.10 PM.png

Ms. Horswill (middle bottom) pictured with her choir!

Written by Sophia Garofalo

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