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Round Square – Making A Difference

The 2014/2015 student body of round square students at Collingwood school have had a very successful and productive first term!

So far, senior round square has been able to get involved in four specific issues. First and foremost “Change for Good” is a fundraiser used in support for doctors without borders and their efforts to fight Ebola in West Africa. Secondly, the “poinsettia fundraiser” provides Collingwood families with the opportunity to purchase poinsettias; the profit generated is donated to the Vancouver Women’s shelter.

In addition, during late October approximately fifty Collingwood student participants attended the annual “We Day” conference hosted on the 22nd at Rogers Arena. Due to Collingwood’s participation in trips run by “Free the Children” (the organization who runs “We Day”), Collingwood is a highly respected institution and in return is granted with tickets to attend “We Day”.

Most recently the club has taken it upon themselves to investigate further into “Hungry for change.” During this fundraiser each participant must fast for 24 hours to experience a glimpse of the lives of those who have a food shortage.

The proceeds for this years hungry for change are going towards Backpack Buddies. This fundraiser provides food for the less fortunate kids of the greater Vancouver area.

Fellow round square member Lisa Yang’s shares, “this is a truly humbling experience and unlike other initiatives you realize that although you live in a fortunate community, there are many who are in need of help.”

According to the club as soon as the new year comes around further initiatives will begin, stay tuned!

By: Sophie Yehia

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