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Playland Physics Adventure

On May 14th Collingwood’s Grade 11 Physics students entered the world of amusement park physics by visiting Playland. Experiencing first hand a variety of the rides, the students were able to explore physics’ many applications.

With their physics packages in hand, the students were able to analyze the circular motion, velocity, centripetal acceleration and periods of the amusement park rides, relating their studies to amusement park rides. Be it the Wooden Roller Coaster, Enterprise or Atmosfear, there were many different options for students to explore.

The most popular ride was the classic and infamous Wooden Roller Coaster. Built in 1958, it is Playland’s most historic and spectacular attraction. With a notoriously rough ride, which reaches a speed of 70 km/hour during its thrilling vertical drops, it is sure to thrill and even scare the riders. Corkscrew, another popular roller coaster at the PNE, which takes the riders around numerous twists, turns and loops, is tame compared to the Wooden Roller Coaster’s wrath.

Another highlight of the trip was when two students were able to experience The Revelation – “one of the fastest and most exhilarating extreme rides in the world!”, where riders take off quickly spinning up to 100 km/h. Revelation allowed them to experience the same intense “G” forces as fighter pilots! With its combination of rotation, tremendous height, high speed and the intense rush of wind, it was a must for the daredevil, thrill seeking physics students.

From the rides, to the famous mini donuts, students thoroughly enjoyed the field trip. As Eva Cai, one of the students on the trip said, “It was really fun to play on the rides and connect our learning to real world applications. It made physics seem more tangible. I definitely had an awesome time.”

Playland was a great way to end the year for the Physics students! Thank you to our physics teachers Mr. Ho, Ms. Vo and Mr. Hodal, for planning such a great field trip!

By: Kristine Falck

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