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Movie Review: La La Land

La La Land may not be for everyone, but no one can deny how popular it has become.

The story follows a young actress, portrayed by Emma Stone, who struggles to find employment in the industry. Along the way, she meets a young jazz musician, portrayed by Ryan Gosling, who wants to make jazz music popular again.

The themes presented throughout the film are relevant to the struggles that many people face, and endear to the audience with many references to classical musicals. Don’t let the music fool you; La La Land varies between joyous moments and heartbreaking ones.

The popularity of the film not only comes from how well the film is made, which it is, but also that it has become the “must-see” film of the year, earning 14 Academy Award nominations, and winning in 6 categories.

After watching this film, there is a good chance that you will find yourself humming or singing one of their songs.

By: Laetitia Oubari

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