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Kickball Final 2016 Preview

This Tuesday, the 2016 Senior Kickball Final kicks off between Houssain against Mackenzie.


Coming into the final, Houssain has successfully won all 6 of their games, including a win over Mackenzie in the competition league stage. In their semi-final, Houssain defeated Senft in an incredible comeback, qualifying them for the final.

Houssain’s rise in the 2016-17 year has been admirable. Not only have they won the House Olympics but also successfully qualified for the 2016 Kickball Finals with an unbeaten record. They now have a chance to win their first kickball title, and be level on kickball trophies with their rivals, Byrd.

Houssain qualified for the Senior Kickball Final in 2014, however experienced defeat at the hands of Senft.


Mackenzie has had a challenging road to the final, having lost two games in the league stage of the competition to both Groos and Houssain. But a late overtime comeback saw Mackenzie defeat Groos, 5-2, in the semi-final.

Mackenzie has had a decent start in the 2016-17 year. They finished 2nd in the House Olympics standings. And now, they have qualified for the 2016 Kickball Finals for the 2nd year in a row. They have the opportunity to claim their first Senior Kickball title.

Mackenzie qualified for the Senior Kickball Final in 2015, however lost to Byrd in a tight clash.

“I’m very proud of Mackenzie students who have been representing with pride,” says Amy Camblin, Head of Mackenzie. “Going forward, we’ll need to concentrate on a strong defensive plan to combat the mighty Houssain. Should be a great game.”

Both Houssain and Mackenzie have never won the Senior House Kickball competition, but one of them will win the prestigious trophy at the end of the lunch break. Best of luck to both teams!!

By: Nikoli Osborn

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