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Dining Room Hype Train

“The Dining Room” is going to be a must see, driven by a multi-talented cast portraying complex and emotional characters. The play consists of numerous characters all harbouring their own personas. After, having to make two separate casts for “Anne Frank,” Weiner has decided to instead do a play with a plethora of different roles. “The Dining Room” is notable for how many characters it has, as well as its and it’s non-sequential story line. “The Dining Room” does not suffer from the high amount of different characters, however, and, if anything the story is enhanced. “The Dining Room” is a different type of play, showing many different dining rooms so as to expose the many different people that inhabit these dining rooms, explaining the plethora of characters. “The Dining Room” is sure to be an interesting watch, and as a cast member, I suggest that everyone goes to see it when it opens on May 24th.

By: Harrison Fuller

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