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Biologists Call for a Culling of Wolves in BC to Save Elk and Moose


BC was once home to thousands of elk and moose in the East Kootenay area alone. However, the population of these animals is rapidly dwindling in BC. This is due to an increasingly large number of predators such as bears, cougars and especially wolves.

Wolves are the main predator to elk as well as moose and they are the primary cause of this unnaturally speedy decline. Elk herds that once had 1000 members are now around 200 and produce far fewer calves per year (Around 10-15). Biologists suggest a cull of wolves in BC would solve all these problems. A cull or culling is the selective slaughter of wolves that prey on elk and moose. This however, is a very controversial subject. People are either totally supportive or entirely against the culling of a species. On one hand it would save another endangered species and on the other it’s the slaughter of innocent animals. However, the vast majority of biologists suggest that culling is unfortunately the only solution to this major problem.

As this is becoming a prevalent issue in British Columbia, a few groups have taken initiative and massacred hundreds of wolves. Ever since then the country has had divided opinions on what the best solution is. Even celebrities such as Miley Cyrus have voiced their opinions on the issue.

By: Max Mckee and Tianna Lopes

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