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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Oh Autumn

Sweet autumn

my one true love

You bring the crisp air

And chilled nights

You bring the rain

And the warm-coloured leaves

You bring the rattling noise of trains

And the dim headlights of a car on a cloudy day

You bring the warm drinks

And the small smiles

You bring the quiet

And the absence of green

You bring the sweater days

remind us that the seasons are changing

You bring the wool scarves and coats

Showing us that the world is moving on from the heat and noise of summer

Oh Autumn

Sweet autumn

You’re a small town in the midwest

With its folk music in its centre square

You’re the twang of the violin

Heard in fall dances

Your hayrides and pumpkin patches

That makes us reminiscing the past

You’re the nights spent in the woods

Spilling secrets left in the land’s cold ground

You’re the crunchy leaves in morning strolls

Paths barely visible through the fog

Oh Autumn

Sweet autumn

You bring the unknown the nostalgia and the warmth

Only lasting for a few months

But feeling like an eternity

Oh autumn

Sweet autumn

If only you would stay longer

how we will miss you

You left to soon

If only you could be with us longer

Stopping the leaves from falling

Keeping the snow at bay

If only winter didn’t come

Making everything so cold

Making the land so unforgiving

If only you would come sooner

So we didn’t have to wait

Through the weirdness of spring

and the stickiness of summer

If only the days would stop

And we could love you longer


Sweet autumn

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