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An Endless Vacation: A poem

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Just as the sun is beginning to rise,

Slowly but surely you open your eyes.

However what woke you up wasn’t the light,

But a vexing alarm screeching with all its might.

As you get out of bed and get ready for school,

You much rather be swimming in a pool.

With so many deadlines you’re feeling so tired

It’s like your brain is being rewired

You long for a vacation and you long to be free

Imagining how happy and fulfilled you will be.

Waking up to the sound of the ocean,

Would give you a sense of content and devotion.

Hawaii, Paris, Bahamas or Spain,

Any destination will help you feel sane.

You may not be religious but you close your eyes and pray,

To wake up the next morning somewhere far away.

The next morning as you open your eyes,

You’re shocked to encounter a startling surprise.

You don’t know where you are but one thing is clear,

You’re lying in a hammock under vivid blue skies.

Quickly disbelief turns into joy,

As you realize this day is now yours to enjoy.

You swim, you party, you laugh and you run,

Since childhood you haven’t had so much fun.

Many days go by in this way,

With no schedule or work, only play.

Every single day basking in the sun like a seal,

And having your daily Michelin star meal.

But one day as you take in the beautiful sight,

You get a slight feeling that something’s not right.

You feel uneasy and your thoughts start to roam,

And then you realize you’re longing for home.

You pretend nothing happened but to yourself you confess,

That maybe, just maybe, you’re bored of rest.

Tired of vacation, and missing your family,

You cannot believe this anomaly.

Lucky for you the very next day,

You wake up from a dream on a Monday.

But instead of complaining and longing for rest,

You go and ace your upcoming test.

Because now you know that without trying your best,

You cannot have an enjoyable rest!

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