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Addie Tiller

Addie Tiller is a grade 12 student who has taken on the role of Editor-in-Chief this year. Last year, she was co-editor of the Spinning Chair Section. Addie likes to write, cook, ski, and hang out with her friends in her spare time. Some of her highlights from her time at Collingwood include the India Service Trip, Alpine trips to Sun Peaks and Fernie, two Encounter trips, and Thunderbird Mentoring. Addie is looking forward to seeing what the wonderful Ad Verum team has to bring this year!

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Nikolai Osborn

Nikolai Osborn is an Editor In Chief for The Ad Verum. He joined the Ad Verum staff on May 18th 2016 and has since published several popular articles on the main site. Nikolai was promoted to Editor in Chief on September 28th 2017. Nikolai has taken an active leadership role at Collingwood School. He currently serves as House Captain for Byrd House. As Editor in Chief of Ad Verum, Nikolai hopes to set a new standard for student journalism at the school.

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Misa Yamaoka

Misa yamaoka, a grade 12 student is in her second year of Adverum and has taken up the position of Media Editor. She is excited to see new traffic on our website in the coming year. When not at school, Misa enjoys skiing at whistler, yoga, and hanging out with friends. She is looking forward to the vibrant articles coming out this year, and can't wait to hear feedback.

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Amanda Wang

Amanda Wang is a grade 12 student who is taking on the role of a section editor in Ad Verum this year. This is her first year in Ad Verum and is very excited to dedicate herself to the Creative section this year. She loves to take part in as well as lead service opportunities, and have taken part in service trips,, and work in the downtown eastside. Amanda is looking forward to bringing her community many great pieces with the Ad Verum team this year.

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Sophia Garofalo

Sophia Garofalo is a grade 9 student who has just joined Ad Verum this year. She is a staff writer. Her passions are soccer, community service, and dogs. She has always had an interest in creative writing and is excited to discover and learn different types of writing throughout her time in Ad Verum.

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Clara Chalmers

Clara Chalmers, a returning Ad Verum staff writer, maintains what has been dubbed as a untold love for literature. She enjoys reading classics, and as consequence, is a keen creative writer. Her future aspirations pivot around a passion for weaving stories and declares contentment for any remotely bookish occupations, whether that be journalism, publishing, or authoring novels. This bibliophilic zeal will hopefully be reflected in her articles, which have so far enriched her fondness for words. As quotes Ernest Hemingway, “there is no friend as loyal as a book.”

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Selin Ozgur

Selin Ozgur, a grade 11 student, is in her first year as a staff writer for the AdVerum, and is extremely excited to share her ideas in all areas, including Global Issues/Politics, and Opinion. Being an avid writer and reader herself, she loves to spend her free time hiking in the mountains, travelling, and being with family and friends! Selin is looking forward to collaborating with her peers, and can not wait for the many awesome articles to come!

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Rebecca Davey

Rebecca Davey is a grade 10 student looking forward to her first year as a staff writer for Ad Verum. She enjoys dedicating her free time to theatre, all things music, animals and film. This year, Rebecca hopes to grow her writing skills and discover the writing style she connects with best.

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Rachel Na

Rachel is a senior student at Collingwood and this is her first year writing for The Ad Verum. She is an avid foodie, experimenter of new things and dedicates her free time to playing volleyball and basketball. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family. Rachel is an editor for the Healthy Living column and is enthusiastic to share delicious recipes, workout regimes and self-care articles.

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Riley Tam

Riley Tam, grade 11, is currently in her second year of writing for Ad Verum. This is her second year as editor of the Spinning Chair section. She enjoys all water sports, playing volleyball and making music. In her spare time, she loves reading, baking, listening to music, travelling and checking out Vancouver's local ramen shops. Riley is especially impassioned about politics and cultural issues, and will do her best to shed light on topics that she cares about this year. She is looking forward to collaborating with all of her fellow Ad Verum staff members this year!

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Jaedon Chase

Jaedon is an experienced photographer and cinematographer who has recently made the transition to photojournalism. He has travelled the world in search of unique ideas, stories and photos. Jaedon’s favourite places he has travelled to thus far is Siem Reap, Cambodia; Lake Atitlan, Guatemala; and Merzouga, Morroco. He will bring his worldly knowledge and outlook on life to the Opinions section of the AdVerum. Jaedon hopes the make his section one that is thought-provoking and the start of many conversations, as well as bring his photographic expertise to the paper.

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Charlotte Anderson

Charlotte is in grade 11, and this is her second year at Ad Verum. This year, she’s taking on the role of editor for the Arts & Entertainment section. In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys writing poetry, making music, and (re)watching The Office. She is extremely passionate about the arts. You can almost always find her singing in the choir room, playing an instrument in the band room, or making movies with film club. She wholeheartedly believes that the arts have the power to colour our lives - they enrich us and can bring out the beauty in anything.

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Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy is a Grade 12 student in his first year of Ad Verum. He is the creator and illustrator of the cartoon section. He also is the co-editor of the sports section alongside Hailey Gayda. Michael enjoys being outdoors and spending quality time with his friends and family. He is an avid golfer and enjoys the occasional post-round rootbeer float. After graduation, Michael plans to be studying business and computer while playing collegiate golf. His favourite subjects at the Collingwood Morven Campus have been Mr. Ravensbergen AP Chemistry 12 class, Mr. Jacoby’s English 11 class, and Mr. Yoon’s Calculus 12 class this year.

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Manreet Dhaliwal

Manreet Dhaliwal is a grade 12 student and is looking forward to her first year writing for the Ad Verum. Manreet has a passion for all things health, beauty and wellness. She is excited to use her interests to help contribute to the Healthy Living column. In her free time, Manreet enjoys baking, dressing up, graphic design and running her own skincare website. Manreet also enjoys giving her time to service and is a part of Thunderbird Mentoring, Admissions Ambassadors and the Providence Health Care volunteer team.

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Hailey Gayda

Hailey Gayda is in grade 12 and the co-editor for the sports section of Ad Verum. She wants to charge up the school spirit in support of our talented Collingwood athletes. She is passionate about many sports - from surfing to mountain biking - and is a part of the senior field hockey and soccer teams here at Collingwood. Ever since she was a rebellious toddler running away from her mom in public places, she’s been driven by a need to be active. She’s excited to share her love of sports, nutrition, healthy living and joking around with the school.

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Maryam Jafari Amjad

Maryam Jafari Amjad, a grade 11 student at Collingwood school, is an outgoing staff writer at the Ad Verum. She has been a dedicated member for two years now but is still always looking forward to spending her free time writing articles for the website; whether it’s writing to bring awareness to important global or local issues and dilemmas, just writing fun articles about upcoming events, or writing about random happenings around the school. Other than writing which is great passion of hers, she spends the majority of her free time reading novels, playing tennis, painting, and spending time with her beloved family and friends.

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Isabel Drouin

Isabel Drouin is a grade 10 pupil that is a new affiliate in the Adverum team. She is taking on the role of journalist this year, along with helping with other film based projects. Her passions are rooted in politics and creative writing and she enjoys a sound diplomatic quarrel if the time arises. She cannot wait to add to global issues and politics, creative writing, and opinion columns. She is very fond of a good cup of tea along with a pen and paper to allow her to create till the imagination tires and a book will satisfy her need. Isabel cannot wait to show her worth and contribute to the paper this year.

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Kayleigh Garland

Kayleigh Garland, a grade 12 student, has recently joined the Ad Verum team this year as a staff writer. For her final year, Kayleigh hopes to leave a part of her legacy through the pieces that she will create. Her passions lie within the arts, as she loves writing and reading whenever she gets a spare moment. Some of her other interests include basketball, field hockey, thrifting and finding new places to eat! Kayleigh is keen to see how Ad Verum will grow this year!