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Why Human Beings tend to Disobey and Flout Laws

In this politically advanced technological world, many in the population of the world have different opinions about the policies that the government establishes. Many of those who are not too keen to follow rules and regulations go against policies because they wish to remain totally or even partially independent; they are either ironically manipulated by social media rumors or truly by real world injustices

First, it is important for us to realize that social media plays an integral role in our world today and because of social media, many of those who go online have believed false rumors that have led to serious consequences. For example, being active on social media can change how you think and believe. Indeed, specifically, during the 2016 presidential election, many have spread conspiracy theories about child trafficking regarding Pizzagate. Due to the Pizzagate conspiracy, which alleged horrendous crimes against children, media platforms have caused millions of Americans to believe in false information and therefore disobey the laws. Social media was responsible for sending out news that there was going to be civil disobedience on the streets and encouraged many to join riots and looting. It is clear that everyone has to keep in mind what is right and what is wrong especially on social media.

Apart from how social media can subversively affect and twist our thinking, even though we don’t wish it to be, injustices and discrimination also lead to citizens disobeying the law. To consider just one incident which took place, during the recent Black Lives Matter, a white cop had killed a black man during a protest, a murder committed just because of his race. This act which was essentially murder is totally contrary to the tenth and fourteenth amendments of the U.S and therefore, Americans started a movement about racial discrinimationa and Black Lives Matter. Another reason for the protests and breaking the laws is due to inequality and gender rights. Those who believe in equal protection for all would break the laws so that they can get their opinions out. Overall, it is very important to know that another reason that citizens don’t follow the law is because of injustice caused by the government.

In conclusion, it is clear that most citizens who wish to break the law do so because they wish to go their own way to one degree or another, either because of influence by media platforms or because of perceived prejudice in the law. Perhaps society would degenerate into anarchy if no central government existed.

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