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Why are Humans, Human?

In this evolving world, humans operate faster than almost any living species, due to the current technology. From hominids to homo sapiens, to the modern-day human, it took a long process of over millions of years. When you think about it, humans and animals have been created and are made to live much the same way, and we are all connected and similar in many ways. For example, humans have DNA, as do many other animals, but we have evolved better than they have. We have to realize that humans are like any other animals, but the main reason that we think we are more powerful is because we have a thinking mind.

First, we have to realize that humans are basically apes, but with DNA which allows a more developed mind. Humans are just another type of animal in the primates. The earliest type of modern human has been roaming the earth in about the year 300000. Modern humans back then were no more than any other species of animals. The only advantages that set them apart from other animals were their ability to walk and the size of their brains, allowing them the ability to reason. In addition to the fact that only one feature in their DNA, the highly developed brain of human beings, scientists have found that humans, plants, and animals share DNA, but plants and animals have less in their genetic structure. Although animals, plants and humans can share more than 50% of their genetic information, human beings stand out in the precision and development of DNA. They might share about 80% with cows, 60% with bugs such as fruit flies and even bananas, but human beings are at the top because they can think. Overall, humans are no different DNA wise from other types of animals; the only difference is in the mind.

Apart from humans related to other species in DNA makeup, apart from a highly developed brain, we are who we are today because of our fast-evolving communities and technology. The number one secret to human success is our ability to think, learn, and reason. Just repeating those three processes over and over again would guarantee that early humans would start to make tools, learn from experience, solve problems, and ultimately make us smarter in every generation. For instance, if we had a time machine and went back 120 years from now and suggested that man could space travel, almost no one would believe you, and the very small percentage of the population that does believe you are probably science fiction writers. Lastly, our knowledge of the earth and the universe is expanding at an uncontrollable rate. Every day, human knowledge doubles whether it is about the universe or as simple as relating to a new security leak in Windows. After all, without technology, we would still be hunting for wild animals today.

In conclusion, humans can reason and can create fantastic technology within a short period of time but with the same DNA as any other living beings. It is safe to say that all living species are very much related, and if any other species other than humankind could reason and think, the world would be in a nasty situation; we might have to develop even more and go to other galaxies.

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