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Welcome Back Collingwood!

With Summer officially having drawn to a close, it only seems apt to address Dr. Seuss’s illustrious words of, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” We can mourn our losses as our days of sunshine, swimming, barbecues, sleeping in and Netflix come to an official end but it only marks the beginning of a new year! As Hailey so eloquently put in her Head Girl speech on the first day of school, we are only kidding ourselves for saying we aren’t in the least bit excited as we walk halls for the first time in months, graced with the presence of the people that we have come to know as our peers.

For me, it marks the beginning to an end; the conclusion to an era. Senior year. For some, it marks the beginning of a journey, the next five years only defining and shaping each and every individual further. It’s a journey of identity and knowledge and growth but most of all, of transformation. Bright eyed, bushy-tailed and seemingly shorter than I remember being, the youngest of our family here at Morven have joined us to embark on this journey and we welcome them with open arms. We also welcome a diverse community of new students spanning from India to Ghana, only further rounding out the cultural multiplicity we promote here. This is not the the time to lament what we are missing out on but rather celebrate the dawn of a new year! I, for one, certainly cannot wait to get started!

Signaled by the opening ceremony bagpipes, the Grad class of 2016 has officially ventured upon their final year of parading down the Collingwood halls. It marks an important year in their legacy and transition into the next chapters of their meaningful lives. With such an array of talented individuals, Grad 2016 hopes to be remembered for their enthusiasm and devotion to the school, may it be through their academic, athletic, artistic or service endeavors.

To kick-start the year, we hosted the annual Welcome Back BBQ at Klahanie Park which was a cohesive celebration for Collingwood students and families. It allowed fellow Cavaliers to bond over the start of a new school year and rejoice at the many wonderful events to come. From bouncy castles, to face painting to hot dogs and more, the BBQ was a great, fun-filled way to initiate the year!

By: Kristine Falck

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