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We Spend our Life asking: ‘What if?’

In our modern society, our lives are mostly built around “what if” and guesswork. That approach to life has its basis in the fact that we are living human beings, and we have a thinking mind compared to robots. No matter your socioeconomic background, humankind has the ability to speculate, unlike robots, as we have the ability to be curious and because of our nature.

As stated, humans have a thinking and analytical mind that comes from the innate capability to be curious. First, you need to know how to reason; second, you need to know how to think, and most importantly, you need to have curiosity. Even the most incurious type of person won’t resist pandora’s box. For instance, if we had not imagined airplanes by somebody using his imagination to open the lid of the box, we wouldn’t have invented them. If we did not have a hypothesis, then we would not have discovered any science. Overall, humans are not only able to live, but thrive because we have a curious mind; otherwise, we would not have created all these incredible technologies we see today.

Apart from thinking curiously because we want to speculate, our basic ability to think comes from mother nature. For example, we are all living beings, and that is just how this universe works, controlled by that mother nature. All of us have individual thoughts in our minds, but we can’t decide if we want to think or not because it just happens naturally. For instance, we can’t determine our race because we are born into a race. After all, people often say that we get to choose our faith, but that is not true because of many things that we can not control.

In conclusion, we are not like robots because we all can guess or speculate based on two foundations, being curious and following mother nature. Without either of them, we won’t be what we are today. Rapid changes over the next 30 years might mean that curiously robots and humans will be combined.

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