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Une Soirée Pour Célébrer!

Bon Appétit!

Mme Mofazali’s Francais 12 AP class celebrated the end of a fabulous year of French, by dining at La Regalade on June 2nd. La Regalade is a French bistro located in the heart of West Vancouver, which serves traditional French fare.

The evening offered the AP French students an authentic French dining experience, where they were able to ‘parlez en francais’ and indulge in delicious French cuisine. Accompanied by Mme.Mofazali, Mme Viera, and Mr. Wong, the students had a great time conversing in French and celebrating their accomplishments. It was a table full of laughter, especially when the students were translating the conversation for Mr. Wong. Ordering a variety of famous French dishes, from Tarte au Bleu et Poire to Gratinee Lyonnaise, the French AP class’s favourite meals included La Regalade’s signature boeuf bourguignon and renowned L’Ile flottant for dessert. With delectable food, great people, and a culturally vibrant atmosphere, it was an enjoyable event for all.

After dessert, Mme Mofazali and the students managed to cram into one large selfie, to commemorate the superb evening. It was truly a fabulous event, concluding the student’s journey in AP French. C’etait genial! Congratulations to all of them for a successful year in AP French! Merci Mme Mofazali!

By: kristine Falck

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