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Twitter Trends of the Week: October 9th, 2015

This week, there were trends about sports, pop culture, and much more. The trends changed almost every hour, so here are some trends from this week. The trends that I picked were trends from either Canada, Vancouver, or the United States.

This hashtag represents the Chicago Cubs who are in the MLB. If you didn’t already know, on October 8th they won the wildcard game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. A wildcard game is a one game playoff in which the winner goes to the division series. “Jake Arrieta”, who is a player for the Chicago Cubs was also trending. The reason for this was because he threw a complete game shutout in what could be considered the most important game of the season for the Cubs. The Cubs won the game.

Telus Fibre is the new internet-phone network that Telus just announced. According to telus, this will be the fastest and most reliable wifi network that they will have as it will be connecting to a wire that is a 100% fibre. It is currently only available in some parts of Alberta and British Columbia.

Revival is the new album by Selena Gomez that is coming out on October 9, 2015. It has 11 tracks in total. The sound of this album seems as if though that it will be different from the rest. This album will also be the first album that she will release with Interscope Records which she signed with a few months prior, after leaving her seasoned label, Hollywood Records.

On Thursday night, Apple Music announced that One Direction’s new single will be called Perfect. The name is a pretty generic one and many songs have been called the same, so we’ll have to wait and see how this song compares to the others. The release date for this single has not been released yet, but according to some tweets, it may just randomly drop on Friday, October 9.

5. Justin Bieber

On Thursday morning, personal pictures of Justin Bieber were posted on the internet. These pictures were of Justin Bieber nude and were taken while he was on a private vacation. This shows how pop culture gossip thrives on the invasion of celebrities privacy. There are some people who claim that when a celebrity becomes what they are, they are basically signing their life away. Except to have photos taken of you when you think you are alone with friends and having them posted is a horrible thing. This is very similar to what happened to Kate Middleton when photos of her sunbathing topless were leaked a couple of years ago.

Scandal is a TV show that airs on Thursday nights on ABC, as part of Shonda Rhimes’s TGIT trifecta of shows. Scandal is a political thriller television series about a woman named Olivia Pope. She is a former White House Communications Director for the President of the United States who left to create her own crisis firm, Olivia Pope & Associates. The story revolves around her and her colleagues as well as the subsequent affair she is having with the President.

7. Northern Arizona University

On Friday October 9, there was a shooting at Northern Arizona University. The shooter killed one and injured three civilians. The shooter was identified as Steven Jones, a Freshman at the school. Nobody knows why he shot these students, but it is thought that an altercation began when two groups of students got into a confrontation. Jones is now in custody and the three victims are being treated. This occurred exactly 10 days after the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

8. Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward is an ex-Carolina Hurricanes defenseman who got arrested on Friday, October 9th for two misdemeanors and for assaulting his wife. He currently works for TSN as a sports analyst, but has been suspended till further notice.

By: Tonomi Chen

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