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Top Ten Starbucks Hacks


  1. Enjoy a stronger flavour. Iced teas are generally watered down when by the time they’re given to you. If you ask for no water, the barista will only add in the required amount, and your drink will have a much stronger flavour.

  2. Ask for the ice on the side. When you’re ordering an iced beverage, they usually fill half the cup with ice. By asking for it on the side, you’ll end up getting more coffee, so you can get away with ordering a smaller size. French Press Coffee. “Gonna be hanging around for a while? Order a French Press of coffee. You get guaranteed fresh brewed coffee and you’ll get the whole Press to yourself at your table.”

  3. Blended Iced Americano. Save money and calories with this clever Starbucks hack. Instead of ordering a Frappuccino, order a blended iced Americano with a shot of your favourite syrup flavour. Take advantage of the Birthday Treat. If you sign up for the Starbucks reward program (registration is free), you’re entitled to a free drink when your birthday comes around. Keep in mind that you’ll have to redeem it in the 30 days after your birthday.

  4. When making purchases, ask the cashier to ring up each purchase individually. Each purchase gives you one star, which gives you a faster way to get to higher reward levels and receive free treats! For example, if you’re getting a café mocha with a slice of pumpkin bread, you can ask to ring up the bread first and pay for it (one star!) and then do the same for the coffee (another star!). You just got two stars from one visit!

  5. Save some calories. Get a low carb and sugar free drink at Starbucks: iced coffee with heavy cream. They have it in the back and they will get it for you if you ask. It’s the cream they use to make the whip.

  6. Upgrade for free. Starbucks has stopped brewing decaf in the afternoon. Therefore, if you order a decaf drip coffee in the afternoon, they will upgrade you to a decaf Americano for free.

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