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Top 10 Things We Take For Granted

To get into the giving, Christmas spirit, Ad Verum has decided to do a survey on the top things students take for granted. The survey was conducted on a random selection of Gr. 10 to Gr.12 Collingwood students with an even number of females and males taking part. The choices for the survey were: loved ones, education, comforts of your home, ability to travel, friends, independence, basic necessities, living in Canada, technology, and hot showers. Here’s what the Gr. 10 – 12 Collingwood students have listed:

  1. Loved Ones

  2. Basic Necessities

  3. Education

  4. Friends

  5. Comforts of our home

  6. Independence

  7. Living in Canada

  8. Technology

  9. Hot showers

  10. Ability to Travel

Well, Collingwood, it’s good to know that you’re aware of how fortunate you are! This Christmas, give thanks for these wonderful things we often forget to say thank you for!

By: Alana Bates

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