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Top 10 Things Collingwood Students Say


Students spend 35 hours a week at school. Filled with lectures, breaks, and the undeniable amount of weekly testing, the day to day shenanigans can get pretty repetitive. Whether you’re in middle or senior school, grade eight or twelve, we all have heard some classic phrases throughout Collingwood’s halls. So without further ado, let Ad Verum present to you the Top 10 Things Collingwood Students Say.

10. “Do you have gum?”

9. “I was texting my mom.”

8. “Can we have class outside?”

7. “Did anyone do the homework last night?”

6. “Can I see your homework? I don’t care if it is wrong.”

5. “Can we have a take-home test? Open book test? Group test?”

4. “Is this for marks?”

3. “Can I go to the bathroom? MAY I go to the bathroom?”

2. “Will this be on the test?”

1. “When will I ever use this in real life?”

By: Quin Vidalin

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