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Third Side Of Tape (2015) / Lil Ugly Mane

Experimental Hip-Hop: Third Side Of Tape (2015) / Lil Ugly Mane

Accept the fact that with Third Side Of Tape you aren’t given a tracklisting nor can you skip to the next song as the tracks are bunched together. It is quite literally as if you were listening to a three-sided cassette tape. This album is a genre hopping collection of obtuse and warped musical motifs, a mixbag of: grimy hip-hop instrumentals, drone, ambient, house, techno, plunderphonics of all sorts, shoegaze, lo-fi rock, country, punk rock, and black metal. However Lil Ugly Mane’s mastery of production techniques and understanding/appreciation for each genre ensure that each excerpt is quality and handled with a certain trademark finesse. There are hidden gems buried in these compilation behemoths. You could infer that Lil Ugly Mane is trying to weed out casual listeners from his audience because a record having this variety and this length doesn’t exactly make for a concise first impression.

It makes no sense but it simultaneously makes perfect sense. If insanity could be appreciated as art by the sane, this is it in album form.


By:Lucas Philipp

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