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The Return of a Champion Cavalier


On November 2nd, Collingwood 2015 Alumna Emily Overholt returned as a guest of Morven’s weekly Monday assembly. An acclaimed competitive swimmer who recently won three medals, including a gold in the 400 meter freestyle, at the 2015 Pan American Games this past summer, Overholt returned to Cavalier territory to present a thousand dollar donation to the Backpack Buddies program. As a swimmer for the Canadian National Team, she was sponsored by the Chicken Farmers of Canada to donate one thousand dollars to her charity of choice. Overholt chose Backpack Buddies as her donation’s recipient, as she had been involved with the program during high school and had seen how instrumental Backpack Buddies is in helping provide food bags for the disadvantaged children of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside. It was wonderful having her return to share with Collingwood her continued support of the Backpack Buddies program. Thank you Emily!

By: Kristin Falk

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