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The New Sensation: “Karaoke Club”

Last term, you may have heard Judy, other members of the faculty, and various students doing karaoke in the Commons. This is an initiative of a new club, generally known as the “Karaoke Club”, which Ms. Vo, and grade 11 student Jay, and I are spearheading. We have few but dedicated members. Our club is actually called “De-Stress Club” (get the pun?) since it is meant to ease the stress of students through multiple activities, not just karaoke. We plan to add fun games in the near future.

Now, every Thursday, during both junior and senior lunch breaks, we bring out the karaoke machine and do some singing in the physics lab. We also may resume karaoke sessions in the Commons on Fridays. Both the people doing karaoke and the people watching enjoy themselves. It’s a great stress reliever. After every session, students and faculty report having renewed energy to tackle school. Beginner singers and well-practiced singers alike will be met with praise and applause. If mistakes happen, you’ll find the audience cheering you on. Feel free to join us anytime!

By: Riley Tam

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