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The Net To Our Flix

Recently, Digital Trends released a Top 50 Shows on Netflix list, and number three on the list happens to be my current favorite show, the one I am binge watching, The Blacklist, featuring James Spader as protagonist Raymond Reddington. I cannot stress enough how much this show needs to watched. It’s similar Criminal Minds on steroids. Each episode is a different case study involving a great plot line. Where the two shows differ, however, and why I think Blacklistis a far better show, is represented in the following two points.

Firstly, the quality of the acting is top notch. The actors and actresses in the Blacklist tend to be more experienced and have perhaps perfected their craft more so than some of the actors on Criminal Minds. They are more believable and easier to resonate with due to this believability. Secondly, the overall substance of the material keeps the viewer engaged. In Criminal Minds, the overarching plotline is quite weak and could have caused viewers to see the show as a bit repetitive. On the other hand, the substance in The Blacklist is very intriguing and helps viewers to stay interested on a multi-season basis.

Digital Trends summarizes the show very well in the following quote: “There’s a bounty of crime dramas on Netflix, yet, none of them feature as many credible twists and turns as NBC’s The Blacklist. The crime drama is centered around a fugitive-turned-informant, aka the brilliant James Spader, who agrees to aid the FBI in bringing down a host of high-profile criminals in exchange for immunity and the help of rookie profiler Elizabeth Keen. The show is thoroughly intriguing, buoyed by Spader’s charismatic performance and a wealth of procedural elements that tie an overarching thread throughout each episode.”

I hope through the course of this article, you have already opened another page to start loading this fantastic show. Just try not to get too addicted to The Blacklist.

By: Connor Anderson

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