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The Great Gatsby Party – A Roaring Time

Last Friday, April 10, the grade elevens were able to experience the opulent lifestyle portrayed in the novel The Great Gatsby. After having studied F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel in English, the students were able to celebrate the end of the unit with a fantastic grade wide Great Gatsby party! Held in the Library, which was transformed into a wonderful venue for the event, decorated with ornaments, lights, photos, prints, and streamers, the students stepped into the roaring 20’s during senior school lunch and H block.

Prior to the party, students were each assigned various personas from the novel, ranging from East Egg Wife to Valley of Ashes inhabitant and were required to develop their character, create a profile and backstory and then dress up in character for the affair.

Students were able to indulge in the extravagant event organized by the party’s keen committee. Highlights included a live jazz band led by Lucas Philipp, a wide array of appetizers, the Gatsby drink station, the faux craps, roulette and blackjack tables, the photo booth and other fun Gatsby-inspired activities. It was a blast, especially with everyone in character.

One of the planning committee members and guests at the party, Monique Timlick, said “It was a great way to end our studies of Gatsby. The party was fabulous. I had a great time, playing my character and having the ‘Gatsby’ experience!”

With an abundance of 1920s inspired scrumptious food, activities, decor and music, the party was a hit. The students enjoyed eating, drinking and mingling with each other. Some learned the charleston, others played blackjack, craps and roulette. Students also participated in a scavenger hunt learning about prominent figures of the 1920’s. Most importantly, students were encouraged to engage with each other in character, and were even assigned a character to look for in the party and have a conversation with in character. it was a terrific way to conclude their novel study of The Great Gatsby.

Even the teachers got into it! Check out the photos by Taehoon Kim attached to this story for a look at how it all turned out.

Thanks to the Gatsby Party Committee, English department and Librarians for their dedication and superb party planning, as well as all the grade 11 students that attended! It truly was a “roaring time.”

By: Kritine Falck

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