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The Best of Both Worlds-House Trivia and House Dodgeball

With the new year comes new activities and over the next few weeks, students from grade 8-12 will have the opportunity to represent their house in suspenseful rounds of trivia as well as intense games of Dodgeball. Unlike previous years, Dodgeball and Trivia will run concurrently; Tuesday lunches will be dedicated to Dodgeball and Thursday lunches will be dedicated to House Trivia.

A new edition of trivia will be introduced this year after complaints regarding the dated and obscure questions from students who have participated in previous years. The new format will be composed of seven categories: letter/word play, sports, geography/history, general categories, and three open categories. In each category, there will be five questions asked. One notable rule is that students can not be substituted out mid category. As well, to encourage participation, each player must be substituted after playing a set of five questions. For more details, be sure to attend the first round of House trivia this Thursday, January 22, at middle school and senior school lunch. The location for each round can be found on the television screens.

Geer House Captain,Cherry Zhi, commended House Coordinator, Mr Wong, for “working very hard to create an exciting and improved version of trivia as the questions are a lot less enigmatic than previous years.” She went on to explain that “the new categories are relevant and approachable and will sure create lots of friendly competition.”

In addition to Trivia, Dodgeball–one of Collingwood’s favorite pastimes–has returned. The revival of Dodgeball will surely provide an exciting adventure for the participants and supporters. In the old gym, only four houses were able to compete at once, but now after the construction of a State-of-the-Art triple gym, all six houses will be able to play simultaneously.

Under the house rules, there is no maximum to the number of players allowed per team, so the more people come out to represent their house, the better the chance of victory. On a administrative note, one request the student executive has made is that participants (and spectators) wear their house shirts to exemplify house spirit and unity! As well, students without running shoes will not allowed to play due to safety concerns.

This new plan (dodgeball and trivia) ensures the best of both worlds for the student body as there will be an opportunity for every student to represent their respective houses. Students who are not as athletically inclined will have the opportunity to participate in trivia, while students who may not enjoy trivia can pursue Dodgeball. And for ambitious students, they can attend both Dodgeball and Trivia!

Trivia and Dodgeball will be a significant game changer in the quest to win the Wright Cup. Whether you are ready to hit the buzzer or knock some players down (*all in the spirit of friendly competition, of course), come out, represent, and support your house!

First Round (January 20th) Dodgeball Scores:

Middle School

Byrd 4 – Groos 3

Mackenzie 12 – Senft 3

Geer 6 – Houssian 2

Senior School

Gross 8 – Byrd 3

Mackenzie 7 – Senft 2

Geer 9 – Houssian 1

By: Lisa Yang

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