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Swinging for BC

Recently, the Collingwood Golf team sent five of their top notch golfers to the North Shore Championships–Phoebe Yue, Sean Buckles, Jerry Li, Dillon Cooper, and Ben Basran. Mr. Payne, the golf coach had the following insight on the matter: “Not only are we the NSAA High School Champions but we are also the North Shore High School Champions.Our team came out swinging. All players were on fire and hitting great shots. As all golfers do they will look back and wish they could have a couple shots back but that being said no one was a match for the mighty Cavaliers. This is the first time in Collingwood history where we have had all five golfers score in the 70’s. They only count the top four but this is a very impressive team score. We will be off to the Lower Mainlands on the 14th to qualify for Provincials.”

Golf is a very patient and strategic game, which can rattle even the toughest competitors. However, our cavaliers really made a name for themselves at this tournament, and this certainly will not be the only victory this year, and in the future of Collingwood golf, as we have numerous up and coming talented golfers. The scores at the event were the following:

Phoebe Yue 72

Dillon Cooper 74

Ben Basran 74

Jerry Li 78

Sean Buckles 79

Only five percent of golfers ever break 80, and did I mention these kids are all under the age of seventeen. It seems like they will be swinging the club for many years to come.

To finish off, one of the five golfers, Ben Basran, shared his perspective on the event: “It’s the first time in Collingwood History that we all scored in the 70’s, that was a good moment to feel, with a great team behind me.” At provincials, Jerry, Sandee, Sean, Phoebe, and Ben placed a solid third in the province. A very respectable finish great job Cavs! There is a lot of great young talent up and coming, and there should be a very amazing future for the Collingwood golf program.

By: Connor Anderson

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