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Super Bowl XLIX

With only one day remaining until the highly anticipated 2015 Super Bowl XLIX, curiosity and interest is quickly increasing. On January 18th, the New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts 45-7, holding a solid lead. That same Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks made an unrealistic comeback in the final minutes of the game, taking the Green Bay Packer’s place at the Super Bowl game.

On February 1st, one of these two champions will be forced to leave the game empty-handed. Which team will it be? Perhaps, the team that was able to hold a steady lead? Or rather, will it be the team that was able to defeat their opponents in a matter of minutes? Either way, the results are bound to stir up some controversy at Collingwood.

The majority, approximately, of the Collingwood community supports the Seattle Seahawks (mostly due to their proximity to Vancouver); however, a number of dedicated Patriots fans still walk the halls. If you, personally, aren’t biased about this game, here is a professional opinion that may give you the best chance to cheer for the winning team:

Adam Lefkoe and Matt Bowen from the Bleacher Report hint that Super Bowl Sunday will hold an intense game, as these two teams are truly the best in their league. New England’s infamous offense and Seattle’s praised defense will battle ruthlessly for the win. Although too early to release strict predictions, Lefkoe and Bowen have suggested that New England’s consistency will win them the Super Bowl.

Whether you’re a loyal fan, or an unbiased spectator, make sure to choose the winning team. Come the week of February 1st; get prepared for high competition and at the school. By February 2nd, be prepared for a mixture of disappointment and excitement.

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