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Spotlight on Robotics

Meeting several times throughout each school week, robotics members have begun collaborating on new design techniques for this year’s VEX Robotic Competitions. Incorporating last years prototypes as inspiration, students are exploring new means to make their robots more ‘menacing threats’ on the VEX challenge field. From scissor lifts to multi-clawed systems, these robots are more intricately designed and will undoubtedly lead Collingwood to success at the regional qualifiers.

This year, robotics students will participate in numerous regional qualifiers, competing in the VEX Skyrise challenge. VEX Skyrise is played on a 12’x12’ square field , where two ‘alliances’ (“red” and “blue”) compete in 15 second autonomous matches as well as one minute forty-five second driver-controlled matches. The goal is to attain a higher score than the opposing ‘alliance’ by scoring more colored cubes in floor goals, on posts or on a skyrise. With the Mason Lab’s practice fields, students will be able to practice challenging fellow robots before competition day – an extremely valuable asset.

Many of the existing teams from last year have continued to collaborate once again this year. Tony Ha and some fellow robotics members have teamed up to conquer the VEX competitions. They have been diligently working on building a robot with an intricate scissor lift. After combining research and their personal experiences from past competitions, these grade 11 students believe that a scissor lift could be an untapped beacon of success for their robot. By providing ease of transpiration for the cubes, they will be able to seamlessly maneuver their robot, hopefully earning them more points.

Additionally, Zach Yamaoka (Grade 11), who placed 3rd in the World last spring at the World Robotics Championship with fellow robotics member Daniel Stoyak (Grade 12), has continued to build upon his robot.

An exciting addition to this year’s club is the all girls robotics team. This year, Grade 11 student Kristine Falck has begun building her robot with fellow robotics partner Eva Cai, a current grade 10 student. Both girls share a passion for engineering and hands on problem solving applications. They are excited to be at the forefront of girls Robotics at Collingwood and have set their sights on the BCIT robotics competition this upcoming March. With wheelbases completed and robot base in progress, the girls are aspiring to build a robot capable of lifting skyrise blocks with optimum precision and speed. With continued persistence, and creative problem-solving, these two girls will surely succeed in their robotics mission.

This past weekend, there was a VEX December Qualifier competition. Three teams from Collingwood participated. Sanders Lee, James Choi and Hugh Scarborough were finalists in the consolation round, just edging out fellow Collingwood robotics teams Tony Ha and Liam Wolverton, and David Shum and Alan Wang.

With guidance from the robotics experts and programing masterminds: Ms. Vo, Mr.Ravensbergen, Mrs. Frykberg and Mr. Ho, robotics members are extremely fortunate to have such valuable resources at their disposal. Robotics at Collingwood is on the path to another year of success and we wish them the best of luck. Go Robotics Go!

By: kristine Falck

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