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Social Isolation is Affecting Our Well Being

In our modern society, humans are changing so fast that many believe we are living in the digital era. If we think about it, we rely on machines and AI almost every day, in order to complete tasks such as ordering food or calling an Uber. As a result, humans communicate less and less with each other; this has been true especially during this pandemic. We have to realize that being socially active rather than isolated is in our nature and without those skills, we won’t be truly human.

First, because of this unfortunate virus, we are trapped inside our homes most of the time, and humanity is not what it used to be. For example, during online school, teachers mainly gave students work to accomplish, and few interactions with fellow classmates materialized. However, Collingwood is lucky. In some schools that have not implemented online classes, the students get 0 interactions during the whole day. Being isolated from the rest of the world is hard for these individuals. It is in our nature to talk and express our thoughts to other humans to make a connection. At this time, however, we only can have telephone or online interactions with our friends and mentors. This type of interaction is definitely inferior to face to face conversation. Even if we do go outside, we have very few interactions with everyone else because we have to stay 6 feet apart. Being isolated is the worst kind of punishment that we can endure because, as humans, we are meant to communicate.

Apart from the many ways that we are isolated from the rest of the community, isolation really has damaged our social skills. Without these skills, we could not have accomplished what we have today. For example, the saying goes that practice makes perfect, but Covid 19 has created a kind of a “catch 22” situation, as we are being restricted to how much socialization we practice, meaning we cannot be perfect. In my own situation, I used to be very expressive and talkative with my friends. Having returned to in-person school this September, however, I feel as if I’m a bit less confident talking to my peers and that deterioration of confidence is due to the lack of social interactions with other beings. In addition, damage to our technological skills, by weakening them, would’ve taken place if humans had not gone to the moon; we would not have been able to have accomplished medical breakthroughs otherwise without cooperation and teamwork on the space program. Our health would have been damaged. It is safe to say that humans need to interact with each other or we will be no different from the primitives.

Isolation is the worst punishment because it restrains us from communicating with others and as humans, we need to be socially active. This intimacy is what differentiates a human being from other primitives and robots. The world as we know it would not exist without communication.

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