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Ski Season Wrap-up

This past weekend, Collingwood’s Alpine team departed for Revelstoke to participate in the BC Ski and Snowboard Provincials. Having 13 students qualify, the team was eager to hit the slopes and compete. Peter Konnigsman was an asset to Collingwood’s alpine team, claiming two gold medals. He won first place in his GS and Terrain GS races. His fellow team member Edward Coleman, received a bronze medal for his GS race. The Girls ski team also performed well, with Morgan Border coming in fourth and Natalie Walton finishing eighth in their GS races. Overall, the Collingwood Girls Ski Team finished fifth, and the Collingwood Boys ski team placed seventh. When asked about the trip, coach Ravensbergen commented, “Despite facing the cold -15°C conditions, the team performed well.”

We commend the Collingwood Alpine Team on their successful season, despite the lack of snow on the mountains.

By: Kristine Falck

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