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Senior Boys Basketball Portland Trip


Thanks to Coach Hill, every other year the junior and senior boys basketball teams travel to Portland, Oregon to improve their skills. Therefore, without a moment to spare the senior boy’s basketball team was busy practicing and playing throughout the course of the Christmas break. Coach Hill reported back with an update during the trip:

For the past couple of days we have been training with morning runs, sprints and weights. We did a bus tour of the city yesterday which revealed a very unique city. We attended a high school game between Jesuit and Lake Oswego ( Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers ) former high school. Lake Oswego High has tremendous facilities and their game day presentation was outstanding.”

All team members agreed although there was not as much playing time as they would have liked, the skills they got to see from higher level players were remarkable.

“Before the game former Portland Trailblazer great Terry Porter (17 year NBA vet and Hall of Famer) spoke to the boys for about 12 minutes in the football locker room. It was an impassioned message.”

Head boy Jovin Narwal said that “although the visit with Terry was brief it was mesmerizing. To see such a highly respected player as passionate as basketball as me. It was an unforgettable experience. He went to explain how they toured the Nike headquarters before playing their first games.

Being from Canada where the system and rules differ slightly, the boys were of course, quite intrigued. “The no shot clock in Oregon high school basketball creates an interesting dynamic late in the game.”

All in all, the senior boys participated in two matches on the trip. In the end the team came home with one win and one loss in double overtime! It’s quite clear that the team began 2015 with a strong start.

We wish our senior boys luck in the Cav Classic which comes to Collingwood on January 29th and runs through the weekend!

By: Sophie Yehia

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