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Science Expo Week: A Re-Cap

Another annual science week has come and gone again, featuring a variety of fun and educational science activities for the whole school to participate in. Here are some highlights of the week:

The Assembly: The Senior Science Club worked diligently for weeks before the event to ensure that the Science Expo Week Assembly is interesting and interactive for the audience. With such fascinating demos as the smoke cannon, which produces smoke rings due to the different speeds of the air around the edges of the hole and in the center, and the modified laser pointer that creates images based on sound waves, the whole school was mesmerized by the power of science. This year, we are also incredibly lucky to have Dr. Paul Tinari, scientist and motivational speaker, to talk with us about an incredible future that may be brought about by the proliferation of the 3D printing technology, with the possibilities of producing individualized products in our own homes and making advances in medical and environmental areas. At the end of his speech, he encouraged us to be masters of our own future.

Science Fair Projects: The Grade 8 students were asked in their science classes to perform an experiment on a topic of their choice. Hopefully, you have had the time this week to stop and check out some of their wonderful projects on exhibition in the science hallway!

Rube Goldberg Machines: The Grade 9 students all built a Rube Goldberg machine for their science class, where they used intricate, complex structures using a series of devices performing simple tasks to create a domino effect that eventually accomplishes a specific task, such as producing toast or popping a water balloon. This challenge allows them to explore the physics mechanisms and energy exchange processes underlying their creations, as well as to practice their creative problem-solving skills. Their designs were shown in a hilarious and impressive video during the assembly.

Science Expo Presentations: The students taking Science 10 Enriched this year all did a project for Science Expo, where they created an innovation or experiment using scientific principles. This allowed them to discover and learn about many scientific facts and ideas and figure out their uses, all the while developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students from grades eleven and twelve can also make their own projects if they are interested. The best of these are then selected to go to the Regional Science Fair.

This year’s Science Expo Week has been a great success, and has definitely helped many discover their interest in science. Here are some final comments from Andrew Chin, a grade twelve student who has helped organize some of the events:

“In this year’s science expo week, we were pushed out of our comfort zones and exposed to new ways of thinking. Unique portrayals of science were demonstrated, ranging from Dr. Paul Tinari’s futuristic discussion on 3D printing, to the harmonious Goldberg machines created by our bright juniors. I believe that although different, this year’s science expo week will spark the creation of new perspectives.”

By: Angela Wang

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