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Roaring Back

Where were you on April 14th, 2019? For nearly 10,000 patrons, the answer to that question is clear: the 18th hole at Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia. On this day, Tiger Woods not only changed golfing history, but the history of sports. What is now one of the largest comebacks in sports history, Tiger Wood’s Masters title is the most recent shift in the golfing world. A man who has experienced the highest of highs, and suffered the lowest of lows, has proved that golf is truly a strange game. After public humiliation, four surgeries, and constant grinding, Tiger has lifted himself over a mountain that many thought had only one side. During the Masters Tournament, I was on Encounter. Not able to witness history live but only to review the highlights. Nevertheless, I watched the coverage and read the reports. The performance he had on Sunday produced such raw emotion from the golfing community because we know Tiger. In recent years, his disconnection between his body and mind have plagued his game to prevent him from finishing. He gets in his head and chokes. Reaching for what he once had – greatness. To see him secure his 15th major title and 82nd win inspired millions including myself. Not only to not give up on what we believe in, but to understand that setbacks are a key element to success. His win resonated with me because of my past personal struggles to perform in golf, as well as in other aspects of my life. The true significance of Tiger’s win lies on the circumstance of his comeback. It inspired me to put things into perspective during my struggles and low times, and to recognize that hot streaks will both come and go. The 2019 Masters Tournament was exactly what the golfing world needed to drive its culture to the richness it once had at Tiger’s peak. Undoubtedly, Tiger Woods will not return to the level of dominance he possessed during his prime. However, his presence and reborn skill in recent times can only strengthen the golfing community and sports in its entirety.

By Michael Kennedy

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