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Read: “The Cruel Prince.”

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Imagine waking up one day in your familiar home as a young child. Everything is normal as you and your sisters are playing in the living room. But the course of the day to come is nothing of the ordinary and soon takes a turn for the worse when a strange man shows up at your front door. This is precisely the predicament that the three sisters, Jude, Taryn, and Vivvian,have to face. You see, two of them are regular mortals like you and me, but the third has a past that not even she is aware of until this pivotal day when everything goes wrong and their world is flipped upside down.

This captivating story takes place 10 years after that fateful morning in a magical land called Faerie, not far at all from the world we know. Taryn and Jude, the two mortal sisters must navigate their way through this land with caution and learn to be one step ahead of everyone else in order to survive in this strange world full of immortal mythical creatures and deception. But when Jude finds herself tired of conforming to everything the youngest high prince, Caradan, says and asks of her, trouble begins to stir for her and her sister. As she finds herself falling deeper and deeper into the twisted world of the high court, Jude is determined to stand her ground and prepared to face the consequences to drag prince Caradan down, even if it means she goes down with him.

Holly Black has really outdone herself with this magnificently planned story, filled with betrayal, back-stabbing (sometimes literally), and plot twists. It will have you guessing what these unpredictable characters will do next, down to the very last sentence and craving to read the sequel entitled The Wicked King. I guarantee you will quickly fall in love with this story as I have, and will barely be able to put the book down. If you are looking for a fast-paced and intriguing fantasy, The Cruel Prince is perfect for you.

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