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Raptors Vs. Clippers Game, NBA Basketball Game hosted in Vancouver

On Sunday October 4th, the Toronto Raptors played against the Los Angeles Clippers as a part of a Canadian home game series. The game took place in Rogers Arena. The Toronto Raptors are scheduled to play home games in Winnipeg and in Montreal later in the month. They had an impressive performance dominating early on in terms of points, and were able to sustain a substantial lead (20 pts.) for the majority of the game. However, the game was not by any means a lacklustre performance. On both sides there was great ball movement and a team dynamic that helped to keep a strong and aggressive pace. It was certainly an exciting game to watch.

Although not caught by television networks, during the pre-game warmup Blake Griffin threw down a gnarly dunk that toppled the shot-clock. This forced maintenance crews to repair it and to properly fasten it to the basket. They also checked the opposing net just for good measure. The final score was 73 – Clippers, 94 – Raptors. The Raptors should use this momentum to rally nationwide support for the team, as they show promise based on last night’s game against a formidable American team. Doc Rivers, famous long-time NBA basketball coach, was not able to contain Toronto star, Kyle Lowry. He scored 26 points during the entirety of the game, as well as making an impressive 11 out of 12 free-throws drawing fouls by attacking the rim. All in all, Vancouver fans were delighted to see a great game of basketball, and to see their fellow Canadian team seize a win at home. It’ll be interesting to see wether or not Toronto can make the most of their situation on the road. If they can, I’m sure they will have strong support going into the regular season. Go Raptors!

By: Lucas Philipp

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