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Quarantine Cookbook

Hey Collingwood!


This year would’ve been the second annual Diversity Days celebration at Collingwood School—a week that recognizes the variety of cultures and identities in our wonderful community. The food fair—hosted by parents, students and teachers—was an opportunity to showcase our multicultural family’s cuisine. Although this delicious event unfortunately has been cancelled this year, we still want to see our school’s favourite foods! The AdVerum—the student run school newspaper—will be teaming up with The Diversity Committee to bring together our families, students and staff’s favourite recipes on their site——in our official “Quarantine Cook Book”! Please send in your recipes (consider what you had planned to make and bring to the Food Fair), and include photos or videos of your food, and any necessary descriptions, to If you have any questions, feel free to email us at that address, as well. Thank you so much for helping showcase the diversity of our school, and for coming together during this challenging time. Like most things, what better way than through food?

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