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Public Speaking Day

Public Speaking Day is fast approaching…

On Monday December 10th Morven is having our annual Public Speaking Day! Finalists from class-round speeches from Grades 8-12 will be presenting their speeches to larger audiences.

Here are the different categories to help you choose which events to watch:

Persuasive (Grades 8-12)

4 to 6 minutes

Argumentative and captivating

TED Talk (Grades 9-12)

4 to 6 minutes

Original ideas

Presenter is passionate on subject

Interesting graphics

TED Tales (Grades 8)

3 to 4 minutes long

Narrative with a message

Interpretive Reading (Grades 9-12)

4 to 6 minutes

Passage from a novel or short story

Dramatic Monologue (Grades 10-12)

4 to 6 minutes

Spoken to someone (either to themselves or unseen character)

Spoken from perspective of fictional character

Spoken Word Poetry (Grades 11-12)

2 to 3 minutes

Generally based on the speakers person experience or social issues

Typically has a rhythm and elicits emotion from the audience

By: Addie Tiller

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