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Prom – The Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess and a handsome prince walking through an enchanted forest. In the horizon, they saw a majestic castle with a sign above it that said “Welcome to the Cav Prom”. As they got closer to the castle, they could hear the sound of music and laughter, and they knew that they wanted to join. However, they had to pass three tests in order to enter: Firstly, the princess had to find a beautiful dress. Secondly, the prince had to buy a corsage. And, last but not least, they both had to buy the tickets.

This year’s Cav Prom will be held on January 27th at the Sutton Place Hotel. The theme is The Enchanted Forest. Just like past years, Collingwood Senior School girls and boys will come out dressed in their finest semi-formal attire ready to dance the night away. See you there!


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