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Prom 2015: Diamonds are Forever

Winter break is around the corner which means… Prom season! The excitement and thrill interwoven in one of the school year’s most spectacular events is just around the corner!

Christine Joo, grade twelve student on the Prom Committee gladly answered some questions on this year’s Cav Prom, so here’s a little inside scoop from the Prom Committee to get the excitement of prom started!

First of all, they have chosen a theme! On December 8th, at the Christmas themed Monday assembly, prom committee members announced the James Bond, 007 theme and title for the event: Diamonds are Forever.

When asked about the Prom Committee’s main goal, Christine Joo gladly explained that they hope “to organize the event from scratch including all the details from catering, to location, to theme.” It seems clear that the Prom Committee just wants all students to have a fun time.

As in previous years, the location will be at the Sutton Place Hotel, but this time around, there will be some changes to the menu! Food from different cultures will be presented for dinner.

Prom wouldn’t be complete without the all important chaperones. This year, UGCC counsellors Mrs. Embury, Mr.Mcdonald, Mr.Wong, as well as committee members, Madame Viera, Madame Mofazli, and Maestra Caestenda will be there to make sure Collingwood has a fun and safe time.

Advertising and ticket sales will most likely start after Winter Break, so get your dates planned soon!

By: Alana Bates

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