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Poetry Is…

Poetry is like a person with multiple personalities, one is strict and serious, while another is casual and inspiring

Poetry is like a telephone wire, bringing people together and defying the laws that we make for ourselves

Poetry is like floating on the surface of the ocean and hearing the crash of the waves behind you

Poetry is like your personal wardrobe

Poetry is like having a word at the tip of your tongue, and then somebody saying the exact word you were thinking of

Poetry is like building a Lego set

Poetry is like viewing the colors of the world in the shades they appear to anothers eyes

Poetry is like a vision

Poetry is like hallucinating your death under a bridge, while being beaten by a troll, but you are actually a goat and it was all a dream

Poetry is like a treasure chest; impossible to fathom its contents before you unlock it, but once opened, it provides a multitude of gems and nuggets of wisdom.

By: Ms. Clarke’s English Enriched 11 Students

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