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oducing the 2016-17 Head Boy and Gir

The school year is coming quickly to an end. This not only means innumerable exams, but also the nomination of head boy/girl, and the creation of the student executive for the upcoming year. The head boy/girl, selected through a letter of application, an interview, speech and poll results, will join the house captains from each of the six houses to form the student executive of 2016/2017.

The prospect head boys and girls had interviews with current head boy/girl, Ben B. and Hailey S., Mr. Wright and Ms. Evans, and gave speeches to the senior school in the months of March and April. On April 22nd, Samir Damji and Joy Hou, of a number of highly qualified candidates, were selected to represent Collingwood and the graduating class of 2017 as Head Boy and Head Girl. Both excellent public speakers as proven at previous public speaking events, Samir and Joy bring a set of skills that makes them exemplary leaders to the team of student leaders.

Recently, I had a chance to interview both Samir and Joy and asked them some questions students or teachers may have.

For those who do not know you personally, could you introduce yourselves or tell us some interesting facts about yourself?

Samir: The name is Damji…Samir Damji! I am a lifer at Collingwood and my journey through Collingwood has truly shaped who I am today. I have always been heavily involved in all of the four strands at Collingwood School. Outside of the classroom, my passion lies on the court. And I’m talking about the basketball court! Yes, I may look short to you, but I always play with my heart, not height! I love the game and give it everything I’ve got. This year, I was fortunate to be a part of the Senior boys’ basketball team and bring home a provincial title for our school. I also enjoy Public Speaking, Science and Economics and have been fortunate to represent the school in several competitions in all three of these fields. Perhaps my greatest contribution to the school is founding the Collingwood’s Career Mentorship Program (CCMP). I am very proud of this program and look forward to its continued success and growth.

Joy: I would say that my name, Joy, is quite fitting for me, because I live by the slogan “never stop smiling.” I was born in Grapevine, Texas to my parents, both of whom never attended university. They taught me that failure means success, and that the real goal in life is to find a true passion. I would say that I am halfway there in reaching that goal: I have figured out how to make myself laugh, and how to make others smile too, whether that is through dance, humor, or whatever the occasion brings.

Why did you want to be head boy/girl?

Samir: Honestly, the thought of leading the student body entered my mind way back when I was at Wentworth. Over the past recent years, I have had the opportunity to take on many leadership roles both within and outside of the school. These leadership roles taught me the value of listening to others and how to work effectively with a team. These experiences have prepared me well to take on the challenges to be your Head Boy next year. After all the school has done for me, it is my time to give back.

Joy: I am a big fan of throwing myself out of my comfort zone and challenging my own preconceived ideas of what I can do. When I first came to Collingwood in grade 6, I would not dare to speak up- I couldn’t even order my own meal at a restaurant! Only with the help of this school did I slowly start to build the courage to speak in front of people, try new things, and put obstacles in my own path. However, I would’ve never thought that one day, I would be able to work myself up to the position where I am a leader that represents a class of 125 people, because I have always been a follower. Being a head girl is essentially jumping off the cliff of my comfort zone, which feels right to finish off my high school journey.

What plans or resolutions do you have for the school year 2016/2017?

Samir: A simple question! I want to make 2016/2017 the best year in Collingwood’s history! I envision we can do this firstly by ensuring that all students are able to express themselves. We want to hear any and all concerns or suggestions. I want our student council to be inclusive and have an open door policy at all times. Secondly and most importantly, I want us all to have a year filled with fun and memorable events not just for the class of 2017, but rather for the entire student body from K-12. As the voice of the student body, our student executive has to work hard to make our vision a reality! We want to have a strong and united student body whose impact is not only felt at our school but one that resonates to those within the community.

Joy: My goal for the 2016/2017 school year is to make (awesome) things happen. You cannot judge whether someone is a good leader or not by their ideas; you judge them on whether they can carry out those ideas. It sounds simple, but it actually is quite difficult when you are already so occupied with a variety of things. However, you can always rely on me, because I’m not a Sayer- I’m a Doer!

By: Sol Lee

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