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Number 1 in the Province

Over the first week of spring break the Collingwood senior boys basketball team were competing in the provincial AA basketball tournament. Collingwood’s team backboned by Jaden Narwal, Carter Armstrong, Dillon Cooper, Brendan Artley, Liam Huebner, and Ben Basran was a force to be reckoned with. Earlier in the year the team was even ranked as #1 in the province.

The provincials started with two big wins for the cavaliers which secured the team with a spot in the semi-finals. Nonetheless, the semi-finals match had all the fans holding their hearts when Lambrick Park’s point guard made it rain from behind the three point line. Fortunately for the Cavs, Carter Armstrong’s Steph Curry-esk touch from behind the line matched the Lambrick Park’s star. Although the game was very close for the majority the first 37 minutes, the cavaliers were able to pull away with a 7 point lead and victory in the last three minutes.

After a long and hard fought provincials, the team found themselves in the finals. In this dramatic conclusion the Cavs came out on top and secured the banner for Collingwood.

Carter Armstrong was named tournament MVP, and Jaden Narwal, Brendan Artley, Carter Armstrong and Dillon Cooper were all awarded tournament all-stars. Next year, we will miss our star grade 12’s who really helped this team thrive, as well as Carter Armstrong who will be taking his talents to the United States for his grade 12 year. We wish everyone good luck in their future endeavours. GO CAVS!

By: Connor Anderson

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